Saturday, February 27, 2010

Catching up ....

Here's a sampling of what we have been up to .... in no particular order (I will add Lennon's party and ton of others soon):


This is Lu's new picture face. Lovely.

Making hats with Val at the Dallas Museum

Val was a trooper and hung with the little ladies all day. She even endured a 1 hour wait at Bread Winners with toddlers. Wow!

Finished product!

Last day of camping at Beavers Bend

First fish! She even helped clean it!

We talked Andy into horseback riding

I thought Lu was going to explode she was so excited!


Our whole family got the worst stomach flu EVER. We all took turns sleeping on the floor in front of the toilet. Yippee!

Nap time in the camper

Yep ... we let Yep ... we let her wear this to Home Depot.

Our friend Blair's dog Mojo almost died when his apartment caught on fire. Lazy Cat saved him by jumping over the barrier and fining him hiding in the bathroom. He of course got a commemorative homemade Amy t-shirt for his heroics.

Dang she's growing up :(

Andy got really brave and took the babies to the zoo all by himself...they had a blast!

This one cracks me up!

Lucie put on her blue jean jacket so she could look like mommy. She totally has the leg pose down.

I have move on to fondant. Oh fondant how you excite me. All I want to do is bake now. My expanding butt is ever so happy.

Not bad for a first attempt.

Birthday girl!!!

Aftermath of the Superbowl cupcakes. Thanks Lucie.

Since we are really trying to go green and not waste anything....

We miss you Carl!!!!
Date night at Campisi's - YUM!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Brusha brusha brusha. Get the new Ipana, with the brand new flavor...

I was uploading pictures tonight and came across these master pieces. Lennon loves taking pictures with my camera and these just crack me up:

Hi, I'm Lennon.
Look at my pretty teeth.

No really, LOOK at them!

Willy willy pretty! See, I told you.

Sloppy Joe, Sloppy Sloppy Joe ....

Yummmm....Sloppy Joe Night!!!

We LOVE Sloppy Joes and Veggies!

See how happy it make us!!

Yes, I still wrap them BOTH up like babies after their baths. Reminds me of swaddling them when they were tiny. Best mom advise I have to offer. Learn how to burrito your baby. It works. Seriously.

Oh and Andy decided to cut off his long awesome hair AGAIN. GRRRRR!

I walked in on the girls playing school the other day. They were the teachers and these were the students. Love it.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pour some sugar on me ...

It was a really cold and snuggly weekend. Andy and I had a pantry challenge this week (we attempted to only eat what was in the house and try to stay out of the grocery store). Andy did so good until today when he snuck out while I was still asleep to get bacon. Don't come between the best weekend breakfast cook and his bacon I guess :). Andy and I also watched a crap load of Cake Boss last week and decided this weekend that we were going to make a practice cake using fondant for Lennon's upcoming birthday. It came out a little bumpy but not too shabby. Here's our weekend wrap up:
My mom got these pj's for the girls for Christmas. They are so soft and snuggly. Lucie cracks me up with her footy pajama love. If you look back over this blog you will find that she's usually wearing either this outfit or another one with gingerbread man on them. Don't quite get what the deal is ... but I don't care, she can wear them until she's 18 if she wants!

Poor Lu. Every time I say put your arm around your sister Lennon puts her in a choke hold.

Lucie ate about a pound of fondant. She totally didn't care that it tastes like nothing. That was the second thing about the cake that made it taste weird. First was the questionable shortening I used to grease the pans. It was in my cabinet for sometime and was obviously bad. It seeped through the cake and that's all you could taste.

Third was the kind of cake we used - spice cake. It was all I had and since we were banned from the store this weekend we thought it may work okay. Not so much. It was really crumbly, which made it hard to cut and frost. Fourth was the butter cream frosting that Andy mixed up. He added more milk than he should have and it was too watery. This would have been fine, but the texture of the spice cake was one that just soaked up the frosting.

Rolling and coloring the fondant was surprisingly the easiest part.

We didn't have a rolling pin large enough so we improvised with a wine bottle. Worked just fine. No innocent wine bottles were hurt in the making of this cake.

Voila! A bumpy, crappy tasting, but pretty dang cute three tiered Princess and the Frog practice cake. Andy's laughing at me right now because I just asked him how to spell ... Wala. I think all my life I thought the big reveal of a culinary treat was Wala not Voila. Nice.

Lennon went to her best friend Isha's birthday party at a bounce house place on Saturday. Lennon, Isha and Erin are inseparable at school. They are also all in the same ballet class. It was so cute watching them play and giggle and run together. Nothing like the sweet giggle of little girls.
Ahhh...pure cuteness. I switched Lennon to Isha's class at the beginning of the school year. They spent the summer in the same class and when school started and Lennon was moved she wigged out on us for a while. When I saw Isha in a different class one afternoon I asked the director if Lennon could move. She said yes, and Lennon and Isha were reunited and Lennon's been MUCH better.

I love Isha's tiny little face. The other little girl is Amy. Every time I pick Lennon up from school she runs up to me to tell me "Hi Amy, I'm Amy". Every time :)

Andy caught us snuggling before the girls went to bed. I had no idea they had their arms back like that. Too funny.
Cheetah girls before church.

Super DAD!!!